renewable energy

The new framework conditions of the energy transition have fundamentally changed the demands on the energy market. To meet the challenges of energy supply in the future, SEAR offers holistic solutions for the decentralized generation and storage of energy.

In the realization of power-to-heat projects, SEAR GmbH draws on its many years of know-how from power plant construction. This enables us to act in a goal-oriented manner in the interests of our customers. Together with other KMUs and distribution network operators, we are working on efficient solutions for transfer technologies, such as power-to-heat and energy storage. In the future, we see ourselves as a system integrator for the construction of intelligent networks and combined cycle power plants. We attach particular importance to partnership, on-time delivery and high flexibility.


In the offshore sector SEAR GmbH concentrates on the integrated equipment of transition pieces for wind power plants as well as offshore platform for the energy supply of wind farms. In recent years we have equipped 6 wind farms and 8 platforms with electrical equipment.

Transition Pieces:
We provide the complete planning and assembly of the electrotechnical and MSR equipment components on the transition pieces of offshore wind turbines. Our work includes the prefabrication of the electrical systems in our workshop in Rostock as well as the delivery, installation and commissioning of the systems both onshore and offshore. To date, we have equipped more than 250 transition pieces with electrical engineering.







Maintenance & Service


Power to heat

Together with our longtime Danish partner we build integrated power-to-heat plants. The use of electrode boiler systems enables energy surpluses from the power grids to be used effectively and economically. This allows a highly flexible response to the dynamic requirements of the power grid. In addition to the energy spot market, conventional energy sources can be saved.


Increasing energy use of biomass makes it necessary to integrate biomass plants into existing power plants. In the realization of biomass projects, SEAR GmbH draws on its many years of know-how from the construction of power plants. We support our partners with complete planning, the implementation of the electrotechnical installation up to commissioning and maintenance.

Energy storage

The sensible use of energy storage devices is necessary for the requirements of switchable loads in the energy grid. SEAR GmbH, in cooperation with partners, implements projects for the effective storage of energy for the requirements of the energy transition. High quality lithium-ion battery storage is used. We plan and achieve the complete electrotechnical systems for a safe and flexible use of the battery storage.

Smart grid


Power to gas


Phase shifter


Energy management



Our quality is guaranteed by many years of experience and expertise in planning, project planning and production of low-voltage switchgears. Our portfolio ranges from low-voltage sub-distribution to complex automation systems. Control cabinets for the plant safety as well as control cabinets for nuclear facilities in accordance with KTA 1401 are an integral part of our range fo services.

Acquired abilities in the production of low-voltage systems in the offshore sector are another part of our diverse range of services, which we intend to systematically expand and perfect. The high level of customer satisfaction in recent years speaks for our experience in the production of transfer and interface distribution, overvoltage protection distributors to the telemetry and communication system (SCADA).





Inspection & Commissioning


Lighting fixtures

SEAR has gained 30 years of experience in lighting systems which is based on products developed in close cooperation with the industry. Our practical approach is inspired by our customers. With ADEXX products we spare no expense on quality, but save our customers operational costs. Our state of the art products allow one technician the ability to install and maintain ADEXX products. Elaborate assembly or disconnecting the lamp is no longer necessary.


Martin Weiss
Head of sections energy production /
renewable energy / offshore

Sven Kühnemann
Head of section production