Exclusive distribution of ADEXX fastening technology

From now on, the light poles will be sold under ADEXX SEAR fastening technology. We have been responsible for order processing and logistics for ADEXX for 10 years and are now also responsible for the sales part of your orders. We are looking forward to a good cooperation.

SEAR Group asserts itself in international competition

In 2019, SEAR GmbH will have orders worth over EUR 40 million. The variety is broadly diversified. In the field of nuclear technology, the company works for the BGZ Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung mbH and for the EWN Entsorgungswerk für Nuklearanlagen GmbH in Lubmin, among others. The specialists of SEAR GmbH plan, construct and commission e.g. container monitoring systems and ventilation systems in intermediate storage facilities. For Siemens AG, General Electric (GE) and ABB, transformer stations and high-voltage direct current (HVDC) plants of all voltage levels are being built. On behalf of Siemens, SEAR will build a converter station in Oberzier, North Rhine-Westphalia, from 2020. "With these new orders, we can consolidate our position as one of the leading German providers of installation services in the fields of electrical engineering and power distribution as well as commissioning of automation and production management systems," emphasized the managing partners of SEAR GmbH, Thomas Lambusch and Mayk Wiese. "The balance between international, national and regional business forms a solid basis for our further growth".

SEAR equipped with defibrillators

In order to take life-saving measures in medical emergencies, SEAR GmbH is now equipped with two fully automatic external defibrillators (AED), which are installed in the atrium and in our production hall, where they are generally accessible. The company Starmedic has trained our employees in the use of the defibrillators and prepared them for a possible deployment. "We have dealt with the topic of early defibrillation and have purchased the defibrillators for the prevention of sudden cardiac death. Sudden cardiac death is a challenge in the context of health protection and operational first aid," says Udo Virgiels (safety specialist at SEAR GmbH).

SEAR Group is involved in the FAIR particle accelerator project in Darmstadt

Source: Schweriner Volkszeitung from 18.06.2019

Health Day at the SEAR Group

More than 80 employees registered and participated last Friday in personalized advice, measurements and a sports program to promote mobility and overall health. The aim is to establish an occupational health management system that helps to sustain the health, performance and well-being of employees through changes in the operational framework as well as through individual health promotion.

Management change at Rostock electrical engineering company SEAR GmbH

CEO Thomas Lambusch will be leaving in two years. The company is now being restructured and expanding its business.

New major order worth around EUR 3 million in France

For Grid Solutions SAS, SEAR is constructing a 2x600MW converter station at the end of 2018 in the French city of Grande Île for a power line between Italy and France, where electricity will be transmitted through a tunnel across the Alps. SEAR staffing is planned for up to 30 people.

SEAR wins the football company cup MV

The SEAR team was able to win the football company cup MV on November 23, 2018 and will be flying to Hanover next April for the German Championships. SEAR also earned the tournament's best player and best scorer award.

"Gleisdreieck" with the SEAR GmbH

To create a larger and more environmentally friendly bus service in Hamburg, the new HOCHBAHN bus depot "Gleisdreieck" is being built in Hamburg Alsterdorf. As a part of this new building, SEAR is constructing the 110kV GIS system, the MS switchgear and will be responsible for the high-voltage / medium-voltage and secondary cabling. SEAR will be involved in the project with about 10 employees from August 2018 until November 2018. The client is GE Grid Solutions from Rostock.

Photo: Hamburger Hochbahn AG, "Battery bus with fuel cell as a range extender"

Major order in Baden-Württemberg

In the cities of Kupferzell, Großgartach and Birkenfeld in Baden-Württemberg, SEAR will build three new 380 kV GIS compact switchgears until the end of 2020. The special feature lies in the construction of 26 fields of a newly designed gas-insulated switchgear. In addition, the respective substation will be connected to the 380 kV grid. The order has a value of several millions.

Rostock-based industrial company SEAR starts the year 2018 with new major orders

The Rostock-based company SEAR GmbH, which specializes in energy and industrial technology, starts the year 2018 with new major orders. The company has already equipped the Dudgeon and Galloper wind farms off the United Kingdom, Rentel off Belgium and Hohe See and Borkum Riffgrund II in the German North Sea with special electrical equipment The company has now secured the contract for the further expansion of Trianel Borkum II, the first municipal offshore wind farm. On behalf of Smulders Projects Belgium, based in Antwerp, SEAR is installing seaworthy, highly complex technical components in the 32 so-called Transition Pieces (TP = connecting pipes between the offshore foundation and the windmill tower). SEAR received another major order from Stromnetze Hamburg GmbH. Together with GE Grid Solutions from Berlin, the company is modernizing and renewing substations and high-voltage switchgear in the north German metropolis. The total volume of these orders for the SEAR amounts to more than 30 million euros. The work for the Trianel Borkum II wind farm has already begun. The task is to install a large number of electrotechnical components in the transition pieces measuring 20 to 30 meters high and measuring up to seven meters in diameter. These include u. a. the connections for the medium-voltage submarine cable, communication cables, navigation lights, sonar transponders and lighting systems with emergency lighting functions. While prefabrication of the electrotechnical equipment takes place in the company-owned workshops in Rostock, final assembly takes place by SEAR employees in Antwerp, Belgium. The goal is to complete the contract by mid-2018. In Hamburg, SEAR is implementing the project "BaBaHa" together with GE Grid Solution. The project name stands for the districts Bahrenfeld, Barmbek and Harburg. On behalf of Stromnetze Hamburg GmbH, three substations will be completely modernized or rebuilt by the end of 2024. For this purpose, the old high-voltage switchgear must be dismantled and replaced by modern gas-insulated switchgear, which makes them safer and maintenance-free. In addition, the construction of various transformers and the installation of control and protection technology. "With the new orders, we can consolidate our position as one of the leading German suppliers of highly complex electrotechnical assemblies in the onshore and offshore sector as well as in the field of power distribution", emphasized the managing partners of SEAR GmbH, Thomas Lambusch and Mayk Wiese. In addition, SEAR is currently realizing about 30 more substations in Europe.

SEAR attracts another million orders to land

After SEAR furnishing or equipping the wind farms Dudgeon and Galloper off the coast of Great Britain, Rentel off the coast of Belgium ,as well as Hohe See and Borkum Riffgrund II in the German North Sea with special electrical engineering, the company could now order the further expansion of the first securing of the municipal offshore wind farm Trianel Borkum II. in partnership with the Smulders Projects Belgium, based in Antwerp, SEAR is installing seaworthy, highly complex technical equipment in the 32 so-called Transition Pieces (TP = approx. 30 m high and 7 m in diameter connecting pipes between the offshore foundation and the windmill tower) components. After prefabrication in the company's own workshops in Rostock and the final assembly in Antwerp, these components are then installed in the Trianel Borkum II offshore wind farm. The magnitude of this order amounts to over 10 million euro. This project is planned to be completed by mid-2018. The Transition Pieces (TP) on the offshore wind turbines are the link between the monopile foundation, ie the part that lies on the seafloor and the actual tower of the windmill. A transition piece is about 20-30m high and about 7m in diameter and has a weight of about 300t. A transition piece is not the only mechanical interface between the wind turbine and the foundation on the seafloor, additionally the interface between the medium voltage sea cable and the windmill generator, as well as an access point for service technicians to the windmill. From the above stated requirements, a variety of electrical equipment is installed in each Transition Piece. These include facilities to connect the 33kV medium voltage submarine cable to the 33kV grid connection of the windmill. Likewise, facilities must be built into the TPs to later connect communication lines located in the 33kV medium voltage cable to the windmill communications interface. To ensure safe operation of the wind turbines at sea, more electrical components are required, for example navigation lights and sonar transponders to avoid ship and submarine collisions. Added to this are electrical identification systems and flight lighting to assist approaching helicopters bringing service technicians to the windmills. Power supply and lighting systems with emergency light functions inside the TPs and also outside for the work platform and the boat landing are also required. All of these electrical equipment are mounted and connected by SEAR in the TPs. For this purpose, a large part of the equipment is prefabricated in the SEAR construction plant in Rostock, equipped with cables and pre-tested, so that an efficient installation by the employees in Antwerp is possible. The big challenge is the fact that all components have to work immediately and troublefree after installation at sea.

"Lighting technology"

The „lighting technology“ took place for the first time from 10th to 12th October 2017 in Essen, Germany. The focus was put on systems, components and modules of the lighting industry – accompanied by workshops. Most of the 60 exhibitors were component suppliers, so that our stand with fastening elements for industrial companies attracted even more attention. The fair was only visited by professionals, which led to very constructive conversations. These included lamp manufacturers, wholesale agents, planners and project managers as well as distributors and sales representatives. Specific projects has been discussed as well as the mutual complemantation and recommendation to potential customers. The SEAR GmbH supplemented the portfolio with its know-how in the lighting planning.


The Rostock electrical engineering company SEAR has received orders in millions to produce so-called power-to-heat systems. The orders for the plants, in which excess electrical energy is converted into heat, came from Vattenfall and RWE, said SEAR GmbH on Thursday. The power suppliers could react flexibly to fluctuations in the electricity grid.

The technology of power-to-heat is especially important in the context of the energy demand with the expansion of renewable energies such as wind energy and photovoltaics, they said. Current surpluses from renewable energies would be used for heat production, which would eventually save fossil fuels as well as heat emissions. In future, regenerative control plants will also be used to supply power stations with power and heat from energy surpluses.

SEAR receives large order

On behalf of the company Steelwind Nordenham GmbH, a producer of monopiles and transition pieces, the SEAR GmbH will equip 36 transition pieces with complex electrical technology. After the prefabrication in Rostock and the final assembly in Nordenham, these components are installed in the offshore wind farm Borkum Riffgrund 2 in the North Sea. The volume of this project amounts to more than EUR 1 million. It is planned to complete this work until December 2017.

Sail out of the platform DolWin3

On June 15th, 2017 the commissioned platform disembarked from the shipyard of Rostock to it´s final destination in the North Sea.

This project consisted of a massive 900 MW power DC-connection for windparks in the southwest part of the german North Sea area. The project is the 3rd connection in the DolWin cluster. The power connection from sea to land is a high voltage DC-power cable stretching from the converter platform DolWin to the coast and then continues further underground approximitaly 80 kilometers to the onshore converter station Dörpen West. There, the DC power will be converted into AC power, and then from there distributed into the german power grid. The completion of the connection is planned for 2018 and SEAR GmbH plays a vital role in this project. SEAR was responsible for the installation of the entire high voltage equipment used on the offshore platform, as well as the onshore station. This includes not only the gas insulated switchgear with 155,000 volt and 400,000 volt, but also the entire converter assembly to the converter cooling. Over 400,000 meters of cables were laid. During peak construction we had more than 150 employees working for the project and with the budget of over 12.1 Million Euros.