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The management of SEAR GmbH is presented.

Thomas Lambusch
Managing Director

Born in 1953

Studied business administration in Münster and foccussed on tax and auditing, business planning and economic and labor law. Diplom-Kaufmann.

20 years of leadership experience at Siemens AG in a national and international role.

Service of Siemens AG.

SEAR Managing Director since the beginning of 2003.

SEAR Managing Partner since 2006.

President of the employers association North metal e. V.

President of the Association of employers of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (VUMV).

Mayk Wiese
Managing Director

Born in 1965

Studied at the University of Rostock with the graduation Diplom-Ingenieurökonom

Studied at the Western Michigan University, Kalamzoo (USA) with the graduation Master of Business Administration

National and international clients with the Arthur Andersen Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, long-term cooperation with Arthur Andersen Management Consultants

Enterprise Rent-A-car, St. Louis, USA - Internal Audit Division

KPMG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft AG, Hamburg/Rostock - Financial Advisory Service.

Authorized representative, monitoring of acquisitions at home and abroad (Poland, England) at the German Desk in New York

Lecturer at the University of Rostock in international auditing

CPA exam (Certified Public Accountant) in California, licensed in New Hampshire

Finance executive, Procurist in the Interschalt Group/German Seereederei Group

Since 2006 managing director and shareholder of SEAR GmbH

Heiko Seefeldt
Power of Attorney
Energy Technologies

Born in 1964

Studied telecomunications engineering

NVA, Bundeswehr Officer, Supervisor at BSU in Hanover

Sales and distribution for communication equipment for Deutsche Telefonwerke and Siemens AG since 1992

Sales manager for Siemens AG Rostock since 1990 in the information and communication sector

Head of sales and industrial technology at SEAR GmbH since 2005

SEAR GmbH joint shareholder and procurator

Michael Schmidt
Power of Attorney
Energy Distribution

Born in 1974

Vocational training at Siemens AG as energy electronics engineer specialising in plant engineering in1991

1995-1998 - Assembly work for Siemens AG worldwide

1999-2005 - Siemens AG construction site manager for small and large projects

Studied business administration on a part-time basis at the European University ILS. Dipl. Betriebswirt (ils)

2006 - Project manager for energy technologies, specializing in energy distribution

2012 - head of the Energy Distribution Department at SEAR

Since 2015 - head of the Energy Distribution Division of SEAR

SEAR GmbH joint shareholder and procurator

Since 2017 - CAO SEAR Polska

Jürgen Rosnovsky
Nuclear installation
process automation
securing critical infrastructure

Born in 1964

Studied electrical engineering and energy technology at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt - Diplom-Ingenieur (FH)

More than 20 years of leadership experience in various companies service

Strategic and operational management of Profit Center in energy supply, energy services, renewable energies, process automation, nuclear power plants

Since 2011 Branch Manager SEAR Region Süd

Since 2015 Division Manager nuclear installations and automation of SEAR GmbH

Martin Weiss
Power plants

Born in 1982

1999-2001 - Vocational training as technical assistant of computer science and IT specialist

2001-2006 - Project assistant in automation and visualization: took A Levels simultaneously at the evening gymnasium Rostock

2007-2008 - Construction site supervisor for secondary systems at the GIS substation Shuaibah III in Saudi Arabia

2009-2015 - Project leader in the field of energy technology, focus: power plant construction. Studied part-time at the Fernhochschule University of Darmstadt in electrical engineering and information technology

Starting 2015 - Head of department power stations of SEAR GmbH

Andreas Holz
Industry software

Born in 1959

1978 - Studied E-technology at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. Graduated with a Diplom

1982 - Studied geology at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. Graduated with a Diplom

From 1988 - Software development and project management, production management systems for the communication - and serial production, Schubert software, Erlangen

From 1993 - Project management, retrofitting nuclear facilities, structural dynamics, KWU Erlangen

From 1996 - Research assistant and project management, geoinformatics and geoinformation systems, centre for spatial information processing, Greifswald

From 1997 - Managing Director, production management systems for the production of unique, Top-In-Form GmbH, Greifswald

From 2010 - Project management, production management, MES/MOM systems for manufacturing medium-sized companies, SEAR GmbH, Rostock

Since 2016 Head of department management software, MES/MOM systems, SEAR GmbH, Rostock

Remigiusz Gwara
SEAR Polska

Born in 1967

- Studies at University of Zielona Góra with electrical engineering degree "Diplom-Ingenieur"
- Oxford Brookes University - Masters degree in business administration

Owner of the company MAC from 1990 - low-voltage installations and installations of industrial automation in the industrial buildings in Poland mainly dealing in Environmental protection

Shift supervisor in the KIR S.A. branch from 1995 - key institution in the billing system between all banks in Poland

Starting 2002, project leader in the power engineering company "Mazel" - implementation of large industrial projects - technological lines in metallurgy, automotive and wood works

From 2007 head of international projects at MAZEL S.A. - 100 + industrial, and electrical projects on 5 continents

From 2016 branch manager of SEAR Polska Sp. z o.o. - responsible for acquisition and realization of projects in Poland and the EU